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Andy, May 

Having read the reviews and looked at the gallery of Rose, I was really looking forward to meet her. What I had no way of knowing until she walked into the restaurant was just how beguiling she really is. Beautiful, yes. Smoking hot in the bedroom, of course. But there is so much more to her than that.

An evening with Rose is like having the most perfect date you could ever imagine. She is captivating to converse with. 

To appreciate Rose in all of her magnificent glory I suggest a dinner date or overnight if you can.

I spent the following day after our evening together, walking round London with a smile on my face and a very jaunty walk ;) Look forward to seeing you again on my next trip to the big smoke.

John, December 

I was hesitant about arranging to see Rose as there is a bit of an age gap between us. I shouldn’t have worried. Rose is an engaging, intelligent, interesting and stunning girl who made my world spin around in a special way. Wow Wow Wow. x

Mit Nihcnim, August 

I was hesitant arranging a meeting with Rose, however when I met her I was taken aback by just how stunningly pretty she is.
Unbelievably her gorgeous face is equalled by her physique and surpassed by her many talents, conversation and intelligence.

I couldn’t have wished for a more erotic and entertaining evening.

Looking forward to our next rendezvous.

Peter, 3rd July

Absolutely delightful. Rose was perfection. Beautiful, wonderful physique and such fabulous company in every respect imaginable. I highly recommend. Thank you. Peter 

Alex, 1st June

I cannot really express how impressed I am with this lovely young lady. One never knows exactly what to expect but Rose is a real revelation. Stunning in every possible way and a truly lovely girl. Really glad to have found you and will definitely see you again, if you’ll have me. 

Jack, 21st September

Stunner! I wish I had found you sooner Rose. Everything advertised and more besides: Intelligent, articulate, beautiful, outstanding physique and outrageously sexy. Made me feel comfortable from the get go. 

Chris, 22nd April

What an amazing woman. She has a wonderful personality, a body to die for and an incredibly pretty face. I will definitely be visiting Rose again very soon! 

Max 15th January

A wonderful and memorable Tuesday afternoon spent with a delectable and special lady who exceeded all expectations. Something I’m keen to repeat soon (only for longer next time.)

Andre, 10th November

I was totally blown away by this girl. Not only is she very beautiful and naturally sexy but also incredibly genuine, nice and intelligent. I recommend a long meeting with Rose because she is a pleasure to connect with. 

Jamie, 1st November

Simply beautiful, sexy and stunning! Would like to repeat the experience very soon. 

Luca from Milano, 11th October

“A single rose could be my garden.” Great person. Sexy woman. Best lunch companion. 

John, 2nd October

Fantastic dinner. Amazingly beautiful, smart and charismatic person.  

Lionel from New York, 1st September

Not easy to describe quite how much enjoyed the company of this outstanding woman. She was a classy and beautiful English Rose with a unique sexiness about her. She dressed perfectly and undressed me even more perfectly. I know who i’ll be calling next time I hit London. I entirely respected her “ethos” so my only worry is that she will get swept off her feet by some handsome young man and retire. I hope you to see you soon if you’ll put up with me.

John, 28th August

Rose put the sunshine back into the grey English summertime. She was such a warm, naturally beautiful, intelligent and charming young lady and I really hope that she will agree to seeing me again. I think longer appointments are a definite must with this lady! Thank you Rose.  

Matthew, 20th May

All I can say is WOW. What a lady, what great company and what genuine FUN! A dinner date just wasn’t long enough! This lady should definitely be booked for an overnight. I hope she will agree to meeting with me again soon.  

Richard, 1st May

I took Rose to a favourite London restaurant for supper after which she joined me in my hotel suite. I can honestly say that from start to finish, my experience with her was beyond all expectations ( and they were high.) She is a delight to converse with, dine with and share private time with. She is a complete beauty because not only is she lovely to look at with a breathtakingly perfect body, she has other charming qualities which are hard to come by. I would highly recommend Miss Rose Knight. I imagine she is perfectly capable of delivering wonderful one hour dates but should you have the time, I would advise you to spend much more time in her company. She is an absolute delight.

Laurent, April 

She then arrived and I met her in the lobby of my hotel and my jaw just dropped all the way to the floor! She is a very very beautiful woman.  Curves where needed, a nice smile and cheeky eyes.  She has awesome conversation and there was not a dull moment even while I was recuperating... In the bedroom, she proved to be an expert at pleasing men and I only regret not having her for a longer time... In other words, 2 of my best hours ever spent in London!! and I will see her again if I do have the opportunity. Kisses Rose and take care!

Robin, April

Rose was the most pleasant surprise a red-blooded male could wish for. She was a true lady until we got undressed and then I was greeted with the sexiest woman imaginable. What an experience! 

David from Buckinghamshire, 1st Jan

It is hard to describe just how fulfilling my time with Rose was. She is a rarity. It is virtually impossible to find a young lady who is not only absolutely gorgeous with a perfect physique but who is also educated to this level, classy and really very naughty. You usually have to compromise on one front but she is really something quite special and unique. I am very glad I plucked up the courage to get in touch and meet such a fantastic person. 

George, 23rd December

The first thing that struck me about Rose was her ability to understand exactly what I wanted. Just speaking to her put me entirely at ease. Rose was a dream in every respect. I cannot express in words just how wonderful my time with her was. From first contact to the date itself, she was just a delight. Thank you and Merry Christmas. 

Neil, 24th November

I had the great pleasure of having Rose’s company for an overnight and it wholly surpassed all expectations. She was dressed so elegantly and brought along a bag of naughty surprises for our private time following a lovely dinner. Rose was remarkably bright and it was such a relaxed, fulfilling experience dining with such a beautiful, sexy young woman. On our return to the hotel, she was everything I had hoped for and more. I am so pleased that I found her site and summoned the courage to email her. From the outset, she was warm, friendly and genuine which really made me feel at ease. A real gem and I hope to see her again on my return to the UK. 

James, 17th September

I booked Rose for a 1 hour incall and my only regret is that I could not spare more time! She was an absolute dream. Being a man of a certain age, I have had to trawl through some pretty awful situations in my time to find her but it was worth the wait. Lovely to communicate with such an elegant, articulate English girl- as opposed to countless awkward encounters with foreign imports who barely utter anything remotely resembling my native tongue. What I found most pleasing was that beneath her demure exterior, she gave me the most memorable sex ever. Amazing. Body is perfection and performance is better still. Energetic, passionate and with a hint of kinkiness that just drove me wild. I highly recommend Rose Knight. I wish to visit her as often as I possibly can.
Thank you dear Rose.

Arnold, 5th September

I had been impressed by Rose’s communication skills and her dedication to promptly responding to emails. I was proved correct when she arrived at my hotel room door, smartly dressed as requested and as lovely an image as my imagination had conjured up. I was quite taken with her beauty and evidently sexy physique. She just oozes charm and warmth. 
Her lingerie was exquisite and she looked flawless. She is literally a living doll. Her skin is incredible. Breasts perfectly proportioned. Her posterior is something one only expects to see in naughty magazines - clearly she is no stranger to the running machine. The perfect contrast of soft femininity and blazingly hot. Everything she did sexually was spot on and executed in a fresh and exciting way. I would very much like to meet with Rose again on a regular basis.

Simon, 2nd July

Wow. Thank you so much Rose for a wonderful evening. You certainly know how to make a guy feel great and forget about his long day in the office. Well, apart from during our secretary role play which you did marvellously. It is a rarity to find a nice English girl who is really into things. You are a breath of fresh air and from start to finnish I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

Tony from Richmond 24th June 
I booked Rose for an 2 hour outcall on the recommendation of a close friend. She is an absolutely incredible young woman who is as beautiful inside as she is out. A true lady. Do not let her demure exterior fool you though as she can be a real fox between in sheets. 
I cannot recommend her enough! She is every bit as sexy as she appears with an absolutely out-of-this-world body. Model looks, great skin and an A++ sexual experience. Without being crude, she really blew my mind.
Treat her with respect guys as she is truly awesome.
I will definitely be seeing her again. 

... Always appreciated xxx
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